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Camera-Mounted Microphone Boom

January 5, 2012 · Leave a Comment

My current project, a sci-fi mockumentary film entitled “Hickory Never Bleeds“, involves lots of interviews. I reckon that’s the nature of documentary work. 😉

In some instances, I’m able to drag along a boom operator. This is always preferable, since it allows me to focus on… the focus. And the boom operator can concentrate on riding sound levels and following the subject with the mic.

But, as can sometimes be the case with D.I.Y. independent films, I’ve found it necessary to plan for scenarios where the crew consists only of me.

So this is what I’ve come up with…

DIY Shotgun Mic Boom Mount

DIY Shotgun Mic Boom Mount

DIY Shotgun Mic Boom Mount

Granted, this is not much more than a telescoping shotgun mount, so it isn’t revolutionary. But I really do like the adjustability of it, and the fact that it was really easy to mount the boom arm to the rig. All I had to do was drill one of the holes in the aluminum mounting bracket/handle a little larger, and attach the mic arm to the top with a 3/8″ screw.

Attaching the field recorder (Oade Bros. Modified Marantz PMD-660) to the rig took a little more thought, as I really only had one connection point through which to attach via screw. (Not ideal.) So I simply wrapped the strap around the mounting bracket/handle for added security.

While trying to plan out this setup, I was concerned with balance. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue so far.

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Demo Reel

March 21, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Here’s a compilation of clips from my experimental film projects.

Included in there are bits from short films, music video, animation, and proof-of-concept experiments.

Music: “Sinking Hands” by Wovenhand / David Eugene Edwards.

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Low-fi Test

November 15, 2010 · Leave a Comment

In this test video I was aiming to achieve a low-fi / organic look and feel.

The various clips were taken from vacation footage* which was captured on a Canon 7D. Primary lens used was a Super-Takumar 50mm / f1.4, attached to the 7D via M42-to-EOS adapter.

Post-processing involved layering with 8mm grain and light leak layers, vignetting, blurring, saturation and curves adjustments, etc.

The soundtrack is made up of some basic pad/chords as well as static sounds which were captured from an AM radio. Those elements alone left it feeling more suspenseful than I wanted, so I sampled a little banjo tune, dropped it in, and shifted the pitch.

* The exception on the footage is the shot featuring a paper cutout fella, which was animated and rendered in trueSpace 6.

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