Attaching the mesh to the skeleton
- Highlight all three bone objects (mosBone, mosBone,1, & mosBone,2).
Drag the Cube object onto any one of the selected bone objects.
  The Cube object should no longer appear in the Scene list, but if you expand the Skeleton, you'll see the cube listed below it.
  If you expand the bone objects in the Skeleton list to the right, you'll notice they all have the Cube object attached. The average-caucasian-flesh-colored (...or maybe 'peach' colored. Not sure.) icon to the left of the object means that Skinning is enabled. By default, if you add any object/mesh to more than one bone, MotionStudio knows to enable skinning. If you add an object/mesh to a single bone, it will simply attach it with no skinning enabled.
NOTE: To manually enable skinning, right-click on the object and click 'Enable Skinning'.
  At this point, your object is attached to the skeleton. The next step is to adjust how the bones influence the mesh.