Building a Skeleton
- Before building skeletons, it's a good idea to have a couple of windows open to be sure things are aligned properly. A front and side view will work just fine.
Now to add the skeleton.
Under the Skeleton section, click the New button.
NOTE: If your Skeleton section isn't expanded, click the purple pyramid icon to open it.

after adding a new skeleton, you should see something like this.
The cross-hair parts are joints. The connecting piece in the middle is a bone. When moving skeletons in MotionStudio, the joint is the part that is selected and moved.

Position the joints until you get the following result:

new skeleton, repositioned
NOTE: It is easy to select the mesh object by accident. To save yourself the trouble of having to re-select the joint from the list in MotionStudio, be sure Auto Drill-Down Select is enabled under the Options menu.
Next we will add another bone to the skeleton. Expand the Bone section and click New.
NOTE: You'll notice in my image the Skeleton section has been collapsed. This is to prevent accidentally adding a new skeleton instead of a new bone.
You should now have something similar to the following image. You may notice that when adding a bone, MotionStudio aligns it with the last bone that was adjusted. This helps speed the process along.

new bone added to skeleton
Go ahead and add one more bone.

  You should now have a complex chararacter, as seen below, ready to be put into a short film

I am kidding mostly, but your results should look like this:
We will call the skeleton DONE and move on to the skinning part.