Mark / Register
- Here we will briefly cover the simple but VERY useful Mark / Register feature of Motion Studio. This is good for doing walk cycles, hops, or any other repetitive motions.

We will be using the scene as completed in the Dope Sheet / Animating tutorial. If you do not have this scene, you may download it HERE.

Mr "i", ready for multiple hopping action
At the moment our character does a single short hop. The objective is to have the character hop several times, moving further along each time...and have his feet (or foot) Registered such that there is no unwanted foot slide.
The first thing to do is identify where the basic movement begins and ends. Think of a walk cycle, where you want the character to take a step with each leg, and have the foot end up exactly where it started so that it forms a seamless loop. Same thing goes for this "hop cycle". In keyframe 1, the character is standing straight up. We want the movement to be a series of quick hops so the character likely wouldn't look natural with a stiff standing pose between each hop. For that reason, we will ignore keyframe one and move to the next keyframe...
Keyframe 5 looks like a decent place to start the "loop". Why? Because here he is coiled, ready to spring up. Let's give it a try and see what happens.

Select all keyframes from 5 onward...
  Click Copy.
  Click the Last Keyframe button to move to the end of the sequence.
  Select the foot joint and click Mark.
  Select a frame a few frames away from the final keyframe.
  Click PasteRegister.
  If done correctly, Motion Studio will have built another "hop" motion for you, not only copying the IK/Bones keyframes, but ensuring the character moves along with his foot in the right location.

Mr. "i" hops twice now
  If you want, select a new frame a few away from the final keyframe and click PasteRegister again. You'll have another loop added. (NOTE: You do not have to click Mark again.) You can do this multiple times.
  Click HERE to download my hop mark/register animation.
  You may notice there's a bit of a "bounce" between each hop. I actually like this but if you want consecutive, uninterrupted hops, simply edit or remove the last keyframe before duplicating the sequence and/or perform the PasteRegister operation closer to the end of the animation (as opposed to pasting a few frames away).