Poses & Pose Blending
- Click the Poses tab.

Oh, sorry - forgot the introduction: Poses and Pose Blending are very useful and time-saving features in Motion Studio.

Now, click the Poses tab.

I usually add the default character pose in before adding anything else. In this case, it's Mr. "i" standing very straight. With the character (or part of the character) selected, click Add.
You should now have a pose in the list, named "Pose 1" by default.
Select "Pose 1" and press F2. Type "Default" and press Enter.
  Now we want to make some other poses and start building the pose list.

(NOTE: We are pretty limited in the amount of poses we can get from this character but this should give a general idea of how Poses and Blending work.)
Go ahead and put the character into a pose and once you are satisfied with it, Add it to your list and rename it, as described before.

I built a simple Bend pose, as shown:
  Now we want to add a new pose, but we want to start from the original / Default pose instead of bending the character back into default position. This can be done a couple of different ways. The easiest in this case is to simply double-click the Default pose. Mr. "i" should pop right back into the default pose.

(NOTE: Sometimes you may not want to start with the default pose, but would rather modify an existing pose. Any time you want to load a pose from the list, just double-click it.)
  Give the character another pose and Add it to the list.

Here is my next pose and list so far:
Let's blend these poses together and see what happens.

To access the Blender, click the INVISIBLE triangle to the left of the Blender text.
  Click All to have all the poses added to the Blender.
  Now drag the sliders around and you should get a mix of both poses.

From here you can keyframe this pose or add it as a new pose in the list.


  Additional notes:
  • Add * is for adding 'Batch Poses' that save not only the pose for your selected skeleton but also all sub skeletons attached to that skeleton.
  • If you want to change a pose, double-click it (if not already active), change it, and click Replace
  • The Blender uses the first pose in the list as the Default pose. Keep that in mind before adding to the list.
  • The benefits of Poses and Blending are move obvious with complicated character such as bipeds.