Attaching Sub-Skeletons
- Attaching sub-skeletons in Motion Studio is about as simple as attaching regular objects.
  In this example, I will be using the same object from the previous parts of the tutorial. If you have not saved this scene, you can download it here.

Mr "i", ready for a sub-skeleton
  We want to build a new skeleton, so go ahead and click on the Setup tab. Next, click New from the Skeleton menu.
  Position the new skeleton until it resembles the following image. TIP: Collapse the Skeleton menu to keep from accidentally clicking New skeleton instead of a New bone in later steps.
  Add a couple more bones by clicking the New button in the Bone menu.
  Next we will attach the new skeleton to the existing one.
From the Items menu, select the first skeleton. You should see the bones list update to the right.
  Next, select the bone you want to attach the sub-skeleton to.
  Click and drag the new skeleton to the highlighted bone in the first skeleton list. It is important that you do not click the new skeleton and release, as this will update the bone list to the right.
Now you have a subskeleton attached to your main skeleton. In this case it's a ponytail for Mr. Lowercase "i". Notice I didn't actually build a mesh object to use with the new skeleton. This can be done later.