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Low-fi Test

November 15, 2010 · Leave a Comment

In this test video I was aiming to achieve a low-fi / organic look and feel.

The various clips were taken from vacation footage* which was captured on a Canon 7D. Primary lens used was a Super-Takumar 50mm / f1.4, attached to the 7D via M42-to-EOS adapter.

Post-processing involved layering with 8mm grain and light leak layers, vignetting, blurring, saturation and curves adjustments, etc.

The soundtrack is made up of some basic pad/chords as well as static sounds which were captured from an AM radio. Those elements alone left it feeling more suspenseful than I wanted, so I sampled a little banjo tune, dropped it in, and shifted the pitch.

* The exception on the footage is the shot featuring a paper cutout fella, which was animated and rendered in trueSpace 6.

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